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Growing up my grandfather and I always had a routine in the mornings. I would show up to his house bright and early before school. We would eat breakfast together, build the fire on cold winter days and then get ourselves groomed and cleaned up. As I would just throw on my clothes and brush my teeth Id watch him shave and comb his hair and mustache meticulously. I was intrigued. This planted the seed of my passion for men’s grooming.

As I got older I found myself fascinated with the the old school. How men in the 1920s-1950s dressed and styled their hair. That led me to the one thing that changed every thing. Pomade. I fell in love with the stuff. I started collecting all the classic mens grooming aids I could. Styling my hair and my beard to look the best at all times. This is what started it all. I then made my first YouTube video on how to style a pompadour and then branched out into making pomade reviews and mens lifestyle videos.

Every good hair style starts with a good hair cut. At the time I was looking for a new barber. I found Ollies Barbershop and scheduled an appointment. I became a patron of the shop and started getting my hair cut once a week. I became really close with the guys in the shop and that’s when it hit me. I wanted to be a barber. That week I dropped out of college and signed up for barber school. I mentioned to my barber that I enrolled. The owner at the time heard, turned to me and said. “Oh yeah, well pick up that broom and sweep some hair.” I started apprenticing at Ollies Barbershop and worked on my skills to eventually become a licensed barber. I was immersed in the craft and after a couple years Adam’s Hair Stuff came to be. I rebranded my YouTube channel and started sharing all the knowledge I was gaining through being a barber.  

All of this inspired me to create the one thing that started it all. Pomade. Adams Hair Stuff OG Blend and Fresh Slick. I created these pomades with hair health in mind whilst maintaining the fundamentals of what makes a good styling aid. 

Men's grooming is not just waking up in the morning and getting yourself together for the day. Its about putting yourself first. To feel your best everyday and love yourself everyday. My goal is to bring you the best in mens grooming, products and lifestyle advice so that you can be the best version of yourself you can be. That is what Adams Hair Stuff is all about. Whether its throwing hair on the floor in the barbershop to help guys look their best, through the videos I create on YouTube or creating pomade and men's grooming products to aid in looking sharp. This is my purpose. To help you look and feel your best cause you deserve the best. 


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